Juliette and Layla laying in garden

" Juliette's empathy with anything 4 legged is quite something to behold. My dog adores her, which makes it very easy for me." - Tracy Bevan

You think your dog isn’t trained enough for a photography session, running around, nose in the grass, then obsessing over a ball or squirrel! You don’t want images of your dog looking stressed and unsure of himself in an unfamiliar environment. You love the outdoors and so does your dog, that’s where you both feel relaxed and most at ease.  Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Juliette and Layla

I’m Juliette, and I’m passionate about capturing your dog having the time of his life. I specialise in natural, colourful pet photography and like nothing better than photographing a dog in mid-action, ears flying, tongue lolling and smiling from ear to ear!  I have endless patience and love to chat, so we can get to know each other while your 4 legged family gets a spot of squirrelling out of his system. But for now, let me introduce myself some more.

  • My dog, Layla, has to suffer my love of all things purple, it’s a good job it suits her.
  • I appreciate the little things in life and laugh a lot…when I say laugh, it’s more like a cackle.
  • I’m usually dressed fairly casual as most of my clothes end up with paw prints on and covered in fur (I’m a slave to 4 cats and a whippet!)
  • I like nothing better than the sound of crashing waves but my favourite smell has to be puppy breath!

Capturing memories to last a lifetime